Ronsday – “Leadership”

Ron goes off.

Wokeism. Critical Race Theory. Climate Change. WuHuFlu. Vaccination passports. “Return to normal.”

Jay Zeus Crepes, guys. We’re being suffocated, starved, deprived of oxygen and sustenance through guilt, fear, and pure propaganda by the hubris, intellectual ignorance, and woke offal-speak of ivy-league eggheads.

Politics and lounge-lizard philosophy are sucking all the oxygen from the place while substituting artificial sweetener for brain food by lawyers, professors, armchair generals, and past-their-shelf-life politicians who do nothing but wring their hands, wag their tongues, point their fingers, and harrumph a lot.

I picked on Nixon, I picked on Clinton, I picked on Dubya, I picked on the halfrican, and I picked on Trump. And there’s the problem. We shouldn’t HAVE TO criticize our presidents . . . we oughta be proud of ‘em and supporting what they do for us.

But they just make it so damned easy to lambast, to condemn, to ridicule them for their hypocrisy, their hubris, their ignorance . . . especially Joe & Ho. Hell, even the Brits and Aussies say Joey is demented and Kamalho is totally out of the loop.

I can only imagine how Japan, or Korea, or the Philippines, or any country with whom we have mutual defense agreements are looking at us right now.

And how ironic that now while Saigon.2 is in progress in Kabul, Sleepy Joe is sending Horizontal Harris . . . to — VIET NAM !!! What the hell is she gonna do, a Jane Fonda dog-and-pony show?

Holy Shi-ite ! I’m sure the women and girls in Afghanistan are comforted by the “no uncertain terms” of the UN Security Council’s “very strongly worded press statement” and that they will be treated with respect and dignity in true, modern, 21st century humanitarian form by their new oppressors.

Hey, jerkoffs, “calling on the Taliban” to do the right humanitarian thing is a lot like telling a gator to get away from Fluffy or a just-out-of-hibernation bear to get out of your vegetable garden.

Of course such a tactic would work if the statement were addressed to the Pentagon, or the BOR of Harvard, or the Provost of Columbia, but not to a bunch of brainwashed Neolithic ragheads carrying whips, clubs, and automatic rifles.

Betcha if you asked the Chairman of the JCS exactly how many US citizens are still in Afghanistan and when they’ll all be evacuated, he’d choke on his tongue and say he’ll have to “circle back on it,” but if you ask him how many US military officers are gay or tranny, he’ll know immediately. And he’ll explain to you why Critical Race Theory is essential to training our officer corps and how climate change is our #1 enemy.

Philosophy courses offer lots of ways to look at our “leadership” and its management of our economy, our health care, our national security, our environment, our future. The steps are kinda like this:

1. Believe the “science” even if it comes from twerps, fakes, and scammers
2. Do the “moral” and “ethical” thing when the cameras are on
3. Pretend what you’re doing is “for the American people”
4. Throw unaccountable piles of money that you don’t have at problems YOU created
5. Do it all the wrong way at the wrong time in the most expensive manner
6. Hide when even CNN criticizes you and you’re a DEMOCRAT
7. Search for the people who gave you bad advice
8. Punish innocent people who said offensive pronouns ‘n’ stuff
9. Reward loyal sycophants and pretentious bastards
10. Blame Reagan, Bush, and Trump

Repeat steps 1 → 10 until the election, or the apocalypse, whichever occurs first.

5 comments on “Ronsday – “Leadership”

  1. Biden has caused orders of magnitude more deaths than The Mad Bomber, The Boston Strangler, Charles Whitman, Richard Speck, The Manson Family, Son of Sam, and The Unibomber all combined. They evoked a great deal of fear in people. Biden should be evoking extreme fear in everyone, not just those of us with common sense.

  2. Ron must be able to predict the future – Kamala “the Ho” Harris did indeed do a Jane Fonda – laying down flowers at a monument the celebrates the North Vietnamese shooting down John McCain’s airplane !

  3. Looks like Ron’s list made it to Guv. Katie’s desk … my fellow Oregonians are now “required” to mask up outdoors. 🤨! And she wants the citizenry to narc on their neighbors, likening it to calling the cops on an after hours, obnoxiously loud party. AntiFa/PDX, decriminalized drug use, and participation degrees for high school … my beloved state has now gone full-on Fonzie (shark jumping) in its effort to become even more unlivable than Guv. Gavin’s.

  4. Horizontal Harris did indeed do a ‘Jane Fonda dog-and-pony show’ – she laid a wreath at a supposed ‘memorial to John McCain’, which was actually a memorial celebrating the site where McCains’s jet was shot down, he was captured, and was tortured for umpteen years.

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