Sunday Metal 8-1-2021

We lost another one this week. Dusty Hill, bass player for ZZ Top, passed away. I think this was the first ZZ Top song I ever heard. There was this little stand bar in Mansion House in downtown St. Louis and a bunch of us CE’s would sometimes stop there after work for a couple of brews. We’d usually play this on the jukebox.

RIP Dusty.

3 comments on “Sunday Metal 8-1-2021

  1. Hey Denny –

    Nothing to do with ZZ Top here, but just wanted to let you know that Chicago passed a double milestone last night – according to, Chicago broke the 2-hour mark for “a person is shot every…” (it’s now down to 01:59) the same day it broke the 11-hour mark for “a person is murdered every…” which is now down to an astounding 10:58).

    Mayor Groot (now there’s an image you can’t unsee) will probably be on TV later assuring everybody that murders are down from last year; the lapdog press will ignore the fact that the July 2020 numbers she’ll quote includes a bunch of people who were shot last July but didn’t pass away until weeks later, whereas this July’s numbers, of course, don’t include any hangers-on.

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