Over The Weekend

Didja see the picture of the Dimocrats in New York pretending that they cared about 9/11? They’re all vaccinated and they’re all wearing masks. What’s up with that? Where’s the logic? Oh yeah. They’re Dimocrats. They don’t need no steenkin’ logic.

What’s * barking at? The moon?

Geez if you’re vaccinated you shouldn’t be able to contract the Kung Flu. That’s supposedly why President * wants everyone (except illegal immigrants and certain gummint employees) to get vaccinated. Except the vaccine doesn’t work all that well. Israel has the highest rate of vaccinated people yet the Kung Flu is still prevalent. Closer to home, my sister and her husband have both been vaccinated and a few weeks ago they contracted the Kung Flu.

Oh, and masks don’t work.

A hospital in New York is gonna quit delivering babies after emplyees in the maternity ward quit rather than get vaccinated. This is not an isolated event. Medical professionals are quitting rather than getting jabs. Smart hospitals will scoop these people up.

On Saturday, the heartland gave a big Fuck You to Joe Biden at football stadiums all across the country.

They also gave a big Fuck You to the gummint by being packed with spectators. Sanford Stadium in Athens Georgia had 93,000 fans in attendance to watch Georgia’s beat down of UAB on Saturday. There were less Kung Flu cases last year when they tried to shut down college football than this year. The country is finally wising up to the fear porn.

Didn’t watch any NFL this weekend. I hear they are now playing two national anthems before the game. They play the “black national anthem”, Raise up Your Voices and Whine and the American National Anthem. So when did the blacks get their own country?

Didja hear what happened at the stadium where the football team formally known as the Redskins play?