Ronsday – PotUS

Ron rants.

O.K. Now, the way I see it is that we have an installed – no, not elected, installed – PotUS who was as much a groper and sexual intimidator as both Trump and Cuomo.

a PotUS whose son was kicked out of the military for drugs and used his paternal relationship to get no-show jobs with YUGE payments from foreign governments

a PotUS who has been a career plagiarist for over 40 years and has been wrong on every international policy decision he’s ever been involved with

a PotUS who turned the southern border into a welcome mat for infected trespassers and then appointed a cackling idiot to do something about it

a PotUS who lied to his own voters AND to the Afghans about a variety of things including air support for the their military, which was never gonna happen

a PotUS whose SecDef believes that our greatest enemies are white people and climate change

a PotUS who needs a cheat sheet with instructions on whom to call on during foto ops where he mumbles through non-credible explanations for his incompetency

a PotUS who won’t allow Cuban refugees for fear they might vote conservative but brings in tens of thousands of unvetted potential terrorists from a stone-age culture which executes Christians, gays, and women who believe they have human rights

a PotUS who relocates penniless, non-English-speaking unskilled entitlement junkies in states and cities which did not agree to accepting them

a PotUS who insists that everyone get a WuHuFlu shot whether they want it or not, and anyone opposing the mandate is a potential terrorist

a PotUS who says we all must wear face diapers but is often seen not wearing his own

a PotUS who declares that anyone opposing funding for climate change, critical race theory, covid vaccinations, and abortions is guilty of spreading misinformation

a PotUS who says anyone claiming the 2020 election was rigged or corrupt is a domestic terrorist who wants to re-seat Trump

a PotUS who abandoned uncountable billions of dollars’ worth of military equipment in his haste to spike the ball for ending the war on the 20-year anniversary of 9-11

Good Grief!! If integrity were cooking oil, Joey Biden wouldn’t be able to grease a cupcake tin. He wasn’t elected . . . he was chosen by the elite leftists and has become the very thing they accused Trump of being.

Look . . . we’re never gonna be rid of this covid crap. It’ll be with us forever in one form or another ‘cuz it’s gonna continue morphing into new variants. Nobody in the science or medical fields dares to criticize what the government is doing because that would dry up their research funding. And you gotta wonder what percentage of career politicians own stock in Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, and other big pharma outfits.

The mortality rate of the Chinese Lung Flu is still under 1 percent. UNDER ONE FREAKIN PERCENT !! And from what I’m reading, most of the vaccinations don’t work for more than just a few months. Some apparently don’t work at all, and some are even CAUSING health problems, including mortality.

Hell, instead of admitting they got something wrong, the covidiots tells us, “No, you don’t understand — the SCIENCE has CHANGED.” Well, lemme tell ya what, guys . . . most of us can see the difference between Science and $cience.

The media will soon pull the switch on criticism of Sundowner Joe for his shuffling, mumbling, lying, abandoning people in Afghanistan, corruption, monumental unawareness, failure to secure the border . . . . Watching him try to explain a simple decision is like watching a toddler eat noodle soup with a fork.

Besides, it’s all Trump’s fault anyway, right? Very soon now, Afghanistan will be totally forgotten by the mainstream media so that they can get back to their primary agenda of ramming CRT and climate change through Congress before mid-terms get a chance to throw the balance back toward the right.

Most of the RINOs have more or less backed off already, and eventually the hard right will become weary of attacks and roadblocks by Pelosi, The Squad, Fauci, Schumer, the SecDef, the SecState, the Vice Accident, and the Faux PotUS and go back to working for re-election so that they can sit around and do nothing for another wasted term in office.

We’ll be told that the catastrophe in the Graveyard of Empires was inevitable, and Dopey Joe is a hero for finally extracting us from that quagmire, no matter HOW much it cost in terms of lives, taxpayer money, international credibility, and humint.

No . . . we’re pretty much screwed unless there’s a massive tsunami of votes to rid the legislature of past-their-shelf-life tax-and-spend instant millionaires who’ve allowed themselves to be convinced that the country is 50% black, 20% gay, gender confused, and consider the Constitution an inconvenient antique relic totally irrelevant to today’s problems. It wouldn’t surprise me to hear Maxine Waters or Adam Schiff ask one of their staffers to get them a 6-pack of that kind of soda they use in root-beer floats.

6 comments on “Ronsday – PotUS

  1. Hell, instead of admitting they got something wrong, the covidiots tells us, “No, you don’t understand — the SCIENCE has CHANGED.” Well, lemme tell ya what, guys . . . most of us can see the difference between Science and $cience.

    Best analysis ever.

  2. 2 weeks to slow the curve … 🤨! Nary a headline or story to be seen about the documents proving Fauci lied about gain of function research at the Wuhan lab. Kinda’ like Hunter’s laptop, voter fraud in 2020, and the 2017 (?) report condemning outright lying and/or criminal malfeasance by our senior military leadership in Afghanistan … nothing to see here, move along with your mask in place and your vaccine status tattooed on your forehead.

  3. As a few Europeans noted: “Americans are cowards with guns and bullets.” People don’t want to use their 2nd amendment to bring the crime syndicate in DC on trial for treason. Execution is par for the course if American patriots organized by the millions and took these lying manipulative communists and crooked business people down. So, yeah, we can all kiss it goodbye. Americans deserve every bit of what Joe Biden, Piglosi and their kind do to the ever dying American birthright………..

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