Ronsday – Shortages

One of Ron’s weekly rants. I get more than one. It’s tough to choose which one to post.

Y’know . . . I get suspicious sometimes when I know somethin’s happenin and it ain’t showin up in the mainstream media.

F’rinstance – shortages. Jeeeez, guys . . . I understand problems with logistics. Hey, if you ever spent any time in the military with anything more than a coupla stripes on your sleeves, you know about logistics.

But, hell . . . we have shortages of nearly EVERYTHING these days. I tend to go to the Navy Commissary here in P’cola about once every 6 or 7 days. The last two times I’ve been there, the fresh chicken section was empty. The entire section . . . about 30 linear feet of space with 4 levels of shelves . . . EMPTY !

And my favorite bagel flavor is cinnamon swirl. That rack has been empty for a month now. And those little bitty hams, about the size of a large fist, that are absolutely perfect for choppin up into Reggie’s internationally famous fried rice – nowhere to be seen for over a month.

Also my favorite blend of no-cal iced tea in the gallon jug with ginseng, not available. And how the hell can they not have lemon-poppy-seed muffins !! For 2 weeks !~

The Regg tells me that a lotta stuff at Sam’s is now limited, such as the siege-size buttwipe packages, to one or two per customer.

Awright . . . we all got the picture with temporary shortages because of panic buying – 18 GODDAM MONTHS AGO when this shit first started. And I realize that extended unemployment and mortgage/rent amnesty cause people to stay home from work ‘cuz they can actually make more that way than in some low-payin job.

But chicken? And they’re blamin the shortages on lack of truck drivers? C’mon, man. Muffins? Bagels? WTF?!~ And have you tried to buy any lumber lately?

Yeah, yeah, I understand there’s this massive chip shortage that’s keeping tens of thousands of new vehicles from bein finished, and I realize that certain industries have spot labor shortages because of actual sickness, covid and other stuff.

Well, shi’ite . . . I can’t blame some types of people for being afraid to go to the doctor or to work or to the store where they might catch the chineee gleep. But, damn – you look at the number of YUGE container ships backed up at US ports all over the West Coast and along the New England cities . . . and you gotta wonder.

Think about it – stimulus checks, rent & mortgage moratorium, unemployment compensation in perpetuity . . . fear, anxiety, lies, spin, exaggerated data, deliberately falsified death statistics for a flu with a 99% survival rate.

And, while all that’s happening, thousands upon thousands – even in the TENS of thousands – of people swarming across the borders every month, basically unvetted, unvaxxed, uninvited . . . so . . . WHY?

Is it some kind of political strategy? Modern-day slavery? Bring ‘em in and make ‘em totally dependent upon a system so that they’ll vote to perpetuate that system? Is it all a ploy to rationalize or even justify bringing in unskilled people from Afghanistan, Guatemala, Chile, Honduras, Mexico, wherever to solve a politically created labor shortage?

I mean, look around . . . it’s hard to find a fast-food place without a “Now Hiring” placard in the front window. And how much training does it take to flip burgers and drop-fry spuds or drive a goddam box truck or unload stuff from an 18-wheeler.

Good thing I’m not a conspiracy nut, ‘cuz I’d be thinkin this is all some kinda weird, crazy plot, some kinda deliberate man-made crisis to make us believe that millions of untrained, unskilled, non-english-speaking trespassers are exactly what we need right now to hide the catastrophic rush to negate everything bidenites consider trumpidocious.

Let’s face it – the only people who benefit from Biden’s interruption of construction on The Wall and his vice accident’s inability to do anything about the flood of illegals across the border are the gangs, drug cartels, and human traffickers.

It’s exactly like what Basement Joe Xiden is doin with his red herring vax mandate to distract public attention from his asinine Afghanistan retreat. I think we’re being set up, lied to, manipulated, screwed, and I really don’t get the point of it all, the end game . . . unless it’s total collapse and balkanization.

Good Grief! In the midst of a pandemic you cause thousands of medically trained specialists to retire or quit over a mandate to subject themselves to an injection which might compromise their immune systems and possibly not even work after a coupla months?

When empires die, most of their front-line military casualties are from execution for doing the honorable thing instead of listening to pussified snowflakes more worried about white rage and climate than rogue nations with nukes.

And while I’m in the mood for it . . . Kamalho’s new image improvement plan: Hey, Ho, if you’d do your goddam job instead of cackling and evading and posturing, you might garner a bit more respect.

As of now you’re about as endearing as Shrillary. Smearing a new brand of lipstick won’t improve your image any more than abandoning Bagram and billions of bucks in modern equipment did for 46*.

The fact is that you’re an inexperienced, unskilled opportunist with the instincts of a streetwalker and the personality of a Wal-Martian.