Ronsday – Election

Ron on Tuesday’s bloodbath.

‘Twould seem that a whole lotta wypepo wanna go back to the days of mean tweets and $1.87/gallon gasoline, n’est ce-pas?

I think they’re just tired of empty shelves, open borders, rising inflation, masks, mumbles, and mandates.

Apparently a significant portion of the general population has no confidence in the leftist policies coming out of the * 46 White House these days . . . when a blue state (VA) rejects a previous Dem governor in favor of a rookie businessman, the writing on the wall comes into sharp focus. ‘Tis the nature of pendula to swing.

And when a total unknown runs a dead-heat tie with a Dem gov in a new England bastion of liberalism (NJ), things don’t look good for the Left in mid-terms.

Joey B tried his best to help McAwful take Virginny . . . I mean, instead of dropping misplaced mumbles and dangling fragments and cogitus interruptus all over the place, he went to Scotland and had a nice li’l nap. What more could he do!

No matter how the left tries to spin it – and today might be a Guhr-8 day to watch The View to see how the Bloated Goldberg and Bigoted Behar try to blame it all on whitelash . . . or Fox . . . or Trump — and they will, fer shure, it’s a rejection.

Matter of fact, if I knew how to find her, I’d like to watch Joy Reidiot’s take on it . . . I mean, you KNOW it’ll be white rage and fake ballot counting that stole it from McAuliffe, right? She’s stupid enough to even bring up the KKK as culprits.

Oh . . . and I can’t wait to hear what MaligNancy and Lexi Occluded Kotex come up with – classic stuff, no doubt. Schumer? Nah . . . whatever he comes up with will be just noise and smoke, no substance or flames.

And of course it should NOT come as a surprise when CNN announces that the “extra” ballots for McAwful and Jersey McNasty have been found in a Chinese container ship waiting to be offloaded and are now being sorted and certified.

But no matter what they say, this was a vote of no confidence in Xiden. Period. McCauliffe is simply guilty by association with Dopey Gropey, and I salute his falling-on-his-sword trick over CRT and parental terrorists attempting to influence what their children are being taught in schools. Encore, Dems! Do it again, m’kay?