Joke Of The Week

Another Cajun joke.

Boudreaux, Tibideaux, and Pierre want to work for the FBI…
But being 3 Cajuns from the south proved a challenge, since they weren’t the brightest bunch, but they tried their hardest. After taking courses for 2 years the three had a good chance of passing.

It all came to a final test, a loyalty test. The instructor said to the Cajuns, “The final test to pass to work for the FBI is the loyalty test. Pass this and you are a certified FBI agent. But it won’t be easy, for you must kill your wife.” The three were walked to a hallway with 3 doors. The instructor then pulled out a gun and said, “Behind each one of these doors is your wife. You are to walk in and kill her. That is the test.”

Now Boudreaux, Tibideaux, and Pierre didn’t know that the gun was full of blanks. No bullets were actually placed in the gun, that way the men didn’t actually shoot their wife.

The gun was first given to Pierre. He opened his door, walked in the room, and silence was followed for a entire minute. Eventually he walked out and said, “I’m sorry sir, but I just can’t do it.”

The gun was then given to Tibideaux. He opened his door, walked in the room, and again silence was followed for a minute. Tibideaux walked out and said,”I’m sorry sir, but I just can’t do it.”

Finally the gun was given to Boudreaux. He opened his door, walked in, and 6 shots ran out! Everything went quiet for a few seconds, then the loudest racket started out. I mean it sounded crazy in there. Then it settled, and Boudreaux walked out.

The instructor said, “Well?”

Boudreaux replied, “You must’ve accidentally put blanks in this gun here. I had to beat her to death.”