Covidiocy And A Funeral

I see so much covidiocy with masks. You can tell for some the mask is getting old.

I had to go pick up some meds at the pharmacy at my medical facility. Everyone has to wear a mask. If you don’t have one they have them at the door. That’s where I get my monthly mask. So I saw some old lady in a wheelchair wearing a mask and it was under her nose. I guess she needed to breathe. I’ve been seeing a lot of that lately. Mask fatigue.

Them came Saturday. I was driving to the gas station to fill up and I saw an old geezer in a car, by himself, with the windows rolled up, wearing a mask. WTF? There’s some major league covidiocy right there.

So I filled up my car and drove over to Fresh Market. As I rolled in I saw a young mom with two young daughters. One was six and the other was three. The mom and the six year old were both wearing masks. The three year old, who was in the shopping cart wasn’t. You had to wonder what was going through this mom’s head. I know the toddler wasn’t wearing a mask because she would prolly just take it off but did this woman not think that if masks worked, she and her older daughter would be protected and the toddler wouldn’t? And then when the toddler contracted Kung Flu she wouldn’t give it to the rest of the family? What’s the point of mom and older daughter wearing masks? Covidiocy.

So I get an email the other day from one of my IBM buddies, Richard, that another of us had just gone off to the great beyond. The funeral was today. The service was at a Catholic church in Woodstock Georgia. This guy was one of my mentors. We had developed a class for contract programmers back in the 90’s. Working with this guy made me a much better systems programmer. I owed him a lot. I called him Uncle Mikey. After I retired, I lost touch with him so I was surprised to learn of his death. Another surprise was finding out I was a year older than he was.

I was expecting more IBM dudes to show up but it was just Richard, Buddy, and myself. Still it was nice to see them. Hadn’t seen Richard since the Kung Flu started and I hadn’t seen Buddy in over 20 years. Time flies.

It was nice to meet Mike’s family but it was sad it was under those circumstances. Still, a funeral is for the living and not the dead.

It was a nice service, and lightning didn’t strike the church.

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  1. Along the same line, I’m getting estimates to have chain link fence put around the patio before Spring. Need to get a jump on keeping the mosquitos out.

  2. Masks are meant to be worn so the politicians in charge can show us peons how powerful they are, not to mention to show us that rules don’t apply to them, only to the little people like us.

    Met a friend for lunch last week at a Panera, and was asked politely by a restaurant staffer to put on a mask while standing in line to order (it’s required in Cook County and virtually all businesses enforce it). So I put a mask on, placed my order, sat down at a table, took off my mask, and ate & talked for the next two hours along with at least 2 dozen other mask-less customers sitting, eating & talking at other tables, not bothered by the staff in the slightest.

    The mask requirement was pure theater, nothing less.

  3. Wearing a mask while driving alone in your car can actually make sense in some situations.

    Virtually any mask I wear always seems to get tangled up in my hearing aids when I try to remove it, and I risk losing one somewhere (and if I do it in the car it inevitably drops between the seat & the console), so if I’m running a couple of errands (all the stores in Lake County Illinois require masks for entry) it’s just easier to keep my mask on while driving to my next stop.

    And if somebody thinks I look like an idiot, fuck ’em, I don’t care a whit.

  4. Condolences for your friend. When my young forestry replacement was touring the counties with me I was telling her about places and people for many of the cases we passed. Pretty soon she says, “Does everybody you know die?!” I guess so. Work in forestry for decades and you outlive your landowners. I hates it. I hate burying pets, too. Anyhow, the young forester is very good and is doing a great job. Degrees from Notre Dame and Purdue, so she has diploma bragging rights, but she is forty years younger than me and mortality hadn’t impressed her yet.

  5. Mask insanity is exactly that……insanity. It isn’t TOTALLY useless when it comes to preventing the spread of respiratory illnesses….but it’s damn close to useless.

    It’s nothing but a symbol of control.

  6. I always get a laugh whenever I see someone in my town riding in a vehicle alone with the windows up.
    I think to myself, is this more of a fashion statement, trying to look woke or are they really that stupid.

  7. Too bad about your friend Mike. He has to’ve been my age (73) and I figure I have plenty of years left. I certainly intend to live as though there’s plenty of time.
    Have to go to the VA tomorrow, so they’ll insist on a mask. Most likely it’ll stay below my nose, as they are usually warn when I’m there.

  8. Sorry to hear about your friend passing … seems like the older I get, the more I see or hear this about a friend, family member, or acquaintance. Considering the alternative, I’ll take it … it saddens me though that in some cases I missed something, didn’t do something for them, or lost touch with them. We’re all “saddled” with some regret … in the end I’d like to think I made a positive difference. You only get one chance though, and I can say for certain that I wish I had back even just half the time I wasted on trivial BS, trivial people and/or pursuits … 🤷🏼‍♂️!

    • Your “wasted” time wasn’t a total waste, as it taught you the meaning of “trivial”, so that now you no longer waste such time. You are a better person for it.

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