Ronsday – Fauci

Ron tells us how he really feels about that little twerp.

Faux Chi. Grease Us Twice ! What an arrogant ass.

He has completely negated what little remaining credibility the government, the health-care industries, and the media had in my mind about the sinogleep. I don’t believe anything that comes from any of ‘em any more. Period.

I am absolutely convinced that the US death-toll figures are not simply suspicious or misleading but outright lies. Last time I looked the number was around ¾ million deaths from covid.

Based on what I’m reading in a growing number of sources, that’s not only inflated but grossly overdramatized . . . for what, I’m not quite sure – I know it’s related to the obscene amounts of money big pharm is dragging in, and I’m reasonably confident it’s involved in a political plan for establishing some kind of “new normal” for US society.

Instead of somewhere just shy of 800,000, I’m gonna estimate the death count directly attributable to covid-19 (not just seasonal flu or other respiratory disorders) at somewhere below HALF that number, maybe closer to the figure libs have come up with as reward for trespassers coming here and forcing their children on US taxpayers.

The way I see it is that if you’re in fairly decent health, your chances of dying from covid itself are less than 1% overall, and in most cases that would be because whoever’s treating people refuse to use time-tested drugs such as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine with basic common-sense stuff such as vitamins C and D.

Those most at risk are the obese, aged, and badly nourished who have pulmonary or cardiac problems. What it boils down to for everyone else, especially teenagers, healthy young adults, athletes, and most health-care workers is that NOT getting the vax gives you 100% immunity from the long-term side effects of the improperly tested mRNA invasion into your immune system and a 99.7% chance of recovering from the covid if you DO get it.

I’m in the greatest risk category, since I’m 81, smoked for 30 years, have a damaged heart, chronic hypertension, and am in 3rd stage kidney failure. Hell, I know SOMEthin’s gonna take me out one day, and if it’s quick, I really don’t much care which one does.

That little shit Faux Chi has changed his position on what’s going on and what we should do about it more times than a cottontail being chased by a beagle in a corn-stubble field will change direction.

His latest rant has him declaring that anyone who disagrees with him, even fully qualified doctors and other health-care workers, is denying science. He said, “I represent science, so when they refute me, they’re denying science.” Hey, some of those guys are real doctors actually treating real patients, not bureaucrats making half a mil per annum playing “technical advisor” and media whore.

Hard to believe an 80-yr-old twit who stands less than 5 ½ feet tall could tote that much arrogance and chutzpah. Of course he has to be in fairly good shape to be able to carry home that nearly half-million/annum salary he gets for spreading instantly stale bullshit around the capitol and the mainstream media.

He’s a puny little overpaid and out-of-touch bureaucrat in a lab coat who’s made a career out of destroying the careers of others in his field after stealing or vilifying their research. And then for over a year he luxuriated in the adoration of politicians and news organizations who genuflected every time he cleared his throat, so now he fully expects that treatment from everyone all the time.

He simply doesn’t get the truth of it all that he was elevated to stardom to be a burr under Trump’s saddle, but now Orangeman is gone and he sounds like Forest Gump explaining string theory to Lt. Dan.

I think he needs to re-read the stories of Oedipus, Icarus, Polonius, and Fredo Corleone, not to mention a Cuomo or two. He needs a double shot of humility followed by a nice tall glass of STFU.

As for Joey B, Kamelho, MaligNancy, and Schmucky, I prescribe 10 deep breaths in a bucket of chilled brine at the end of a pier overlooking Playa de los Muertos, Mexico. That’ll make ‘em right as rain again.

5 comments on “Ronsday – Fauci

  1. Another MD besides Fauci that I get tired of seeing is Sanjay Gupta. He is all over medical TV in doctor offices, and on all of the talk shows. Both of them have become media-political instead of scientific.

  2. Fauci, the media & the left (but I repeat myself) are treating science like it is religion, and to doubt it is to doubt them, and have anointed themselves as the high priests of the doctrine. That includes climate change, as well as Kung flu.

    A real scientist once said, “religion is a culture of faith; science is a culture of doubt.” — Richard P. Feynman, physicist, Manhattan project researcher, Nobel laureate for his work on quantum electrodynamics, famous for his lectures on physics, and the person who figured out what caused the space shuttle Challenger disaster.

    The leftist government-media complex are completely ignorant of what science really is all about.

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