New National Holiday

Let’s hear it for January 6, the new national holiday where the Republic was saved by the brave Capitol Police.

To hear Speaker Blinky and the rest of the Dimocrats go on it was a major insurrection. It was so bad that the military had to come in and protect the Capitol. Of course this was after all of the “insurrectionists” had gone home, at least those of them who weren’t jailed with the suspension of habeus corpus.

We have to violate the Constitution to save it.

The Babylon Bee has a great take on it.

WASHINGTON, D.C.–Following President Biden’s speech yesterday, the nation observed a moment of silence lasting exactly 0 seconds long as they read the names of those who suffered death at the hands of supporters of former President Donald J. Trump.

Vice President Kamala Harris thanked Biden for his bold speech and took to the podium to announce the moment of silence. An intern then reverently handed her a folded piece of paper.

Several media pundits watched as Harris carefully unfolded the paper and stared at it blankly for a moment before waving the intern back. The vice president could be heard whispering, “This is blank.”


It was Harris, by the way, who equated January 6 with Pearl Harbor and 9/11.

These people are disgusting.

The only person killed on January 6, was Ashli Babbitt, an unarmed veteran. She was shot, in cold blood, by a dude known for leaving his gun in a rest room. He is an African and incompetent so of course the Dimocrats have labeled him a hero. How long will it be before the “Hero on January 6” has a statue right next to George Floyd?

It’s really funny that we had an insurrection where nobody was armed, not even with sticks and clubs. We had a few people wandering around the Capitol Building taking selfies and the Dimocrats and some RINO’s called it an insurrection. Even Ted Cruz, who decided to see what his foot tasted like, called it a terrorist action How would they have felt if it were a real insurrection? The Keystone Kops Capitol Police would not have been able to protect them.

Compared to the Black Lies Matter riots during the summer, this was a peaceful protest. Nobody died, except a protestor, and no property was damaged, yet somehow this was a “danger to our democracy”.

Yep! Call it Insurrection Day, and make it a national holiday. Every year you could have Lt. Byrd, the killer of Ashli Babbitt, kill another innocent civilian. You could have AOC, who wasn’t even in the Capitol building, crying about what a traumatic experience it was. And you could have 0 seconds of silence for all of the people killed by Trump supporters.

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  1. Soon to be a major motion picture:

    January 6 : The Dagger at America’s Throat

    Starring Joe “Behind the Gym” Biden
    and Kam “I Will Blow You Away” Harris

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