Tampon Shortage

So now we find out there is a tampon shortage.

New York (CNN Business)Supply chain problems and inflation have hit virtually all consumer goods, but women who menstruate are now facing an added strain as a shortage of period products hits the United States.

Top retailers and manufacturers acknowledged the shortages this week, confirming complaints that have been circulating on social media for months. The issue garnered national attention this week after an article in Time called the dearth of tampons and pads the shortage “no one is talking about.”

“I haven’t seen any products in stores for months,” one user posted on Reddit. “I’ve been ordering my tampons on Amazon and have been getting price gouged.”

Thank Gaia for Amazon!

First a baby formula shortage and now a tampon shortage. Why are * and the Dimocrats waging war on women? And why are you women Dimocrat voters putting up with it?

You voted against Mr. Mean Tweets and this is what you got. You can’t afford to fill up your cars with gas. Your grocery bills are rising. So are your utility bills because of green energy. Are you happy? Will you vote for Dimocrats this fall?

Unfortunately, many of you will.

Maybe you can use toilet paper instead of tampons until there’s a shortage of that too.

You get what you vote for, but at least there are no more mean tweets.