You Voted For It

Sorry that I didn’t post a Ronsday last night but my sister and BIL were in town. They’re off on another one of their trips and it’s cheaper to fly out of Atlanta than it is to fly out of Columbia SC. They drive here and park in my driveway and I ferry them to the airport. I get work out of them. My paperback collection has outgrown my two bookshelves so I got a new one. Ryan put it together and then we organized the books. I also got a free meal at a local BBQ place.

Now, on to the blog.

Dear * voters (and the ones who cheated to help steal the election. What’s ironic is the people who helped steal the election in heavy African enclaves like DeKalb and Fulton Counties here in Georgia are the ones getting reamed the hardest by *’s policies)

So, have you looked at your 401-K’s lately? The stock market is in the toilet. It’s looking more and more like we’re in a bear market. You booger eatin’ moh-rons voted for it.

Having fun filling up your cars? Trump brought gas prices down. The prices have doubled under * and they keep rising. I filled up my Z3 on Monday. Filled up my X3 today and the price had gone up 30 cents a gallon. * could go back to Trump policies and bring the price down but refuses to do so. He hates fossil fuels. He said he was gonna do this but you idiots refused to listen. You voted for it.

If you think the gas crisis is bad now, wait until they initiate price controls. Then we’ll see shortages and gas lines. Remember, when that happens, you voted for it.

* has made electricity more expensive, just in time for the summer A/C season. * wants more green energy which is expensive and unreliable. When the blackouts occur, just remember you voted for the Dimocrats responsible, which makes you responsible. You fuckers voted for it!

Inflation? You voted for it.

The crisis at the border. You voted for it.

The baby formula shortage? You voted for it.

The tampon shortage? You voted for it.

I realize a lot of you were brainwashed by the rat bastard commies running the gummint schools but what is going on in this country should be a great big wakeup call. All of the problems we’re going through have been caused by the dickheads you voted for.

There is a saying that you shouldn’t change horses in the middle of a river. Trump gave us four good years of a good economy, low unemployment, and low gas prices, but you turdheads decided to change horses in the middle of the river and now you’re floating downstream and drowning.

You voted for it.