Sunday Metal 6-19-2022

The original power trio. Jack and Ginger are gone. I liked Clapton the best when he was with Cream.

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  1. Since a little guy, my son has been a Cream fan. He wouldn’t leave the grand parents house till grandpa played some of the live at Albert Hall DVD.

  2. Cream was great, to bad Jack and Ginger could not stand each other and fought constantly with Clapton playing peacemaker all the time.

    • One of my favorite rock groups of the 70’s, Cactus, had that problem. They fought all of the time but on stage they were very tight. Their fighting is why they broke up. Still, they managed to put out three studio albums. Appice and Bogert reformed the group with a different guitar player and singer and they put out one album.

  3. I’ve just finished reading Clapton’s autobiography. *Highly recommended.*

    Hard to believe that one person could consume two bottles of booze a day, plus copious amounts of coke, heroin & assorted other mind-bending substances and still be alive today, let alone produce such, well, mind-bending sounds from a mere 6-stringed instrument.

    His best song from Disraeli Gears? Hands down, it’s ‘Dance the Night Away’:

    Gonna build myself a castle
    High up in the clouds
    There’ll be skies outside my window
    Lose these streets and crowds

    Dance the night away

    Will find myself an ocean
    Sail into the blue
    Live with golden swordfish
    Forget the time of you

    Dance the night away

    Dance myself to nothing
    Vanish from this place
    Gonna turn myself to shadow
    So I can’t see your face

    Play it, turn it up LOUD, and get lost in his manic playing (and Ginger’s manic drumming).

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