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So these two clowns think we should all drive electric cars.

It’s hard to imagine but President * has managed to select a cabinet dumber than he is. His entire cabinet is a bunch of booger eatin moh-rons. Not the best and brightest but the worst and dimmest.

Yeah let’s all buy electric cars. Meanwhile in Texas, they’ve asked people to not charge their cars in the evening, when They’re most likely to charge them, because the grid can’t handle the increased load. I guess those windmills and unicorn farts are not just up to their task.

Yannow I would expect this bullshit for California, but Texas? Someone needs to get up off their butts and fix this problem. Shutting down coal plants and replacing them with winmills is major league stupid.

Here in Georgia, we’re about to put two two new nuke plants online. One in the first quarter of next year and the other in the fourth quarter of next year. Both are behind schedule and over budget but since they’re the first nuke plants in over a generation that’s to be expected. When the wind doesn’t blow, they’ll still be cranking out electricity to charge all of those electric cars the gummint wants us to buy.

And speaking of electric cars didja see this article?

I thought it would be fun.

That’s what I told my friend Mack when I asked her to drive with me from New Orleans to Chicago and back in an electric car.

And hilarity ensues. “I Rented an Electric Car for a Four-Day Road Trip. I Spent More Time Charging It Than I Did Sleeping.”


And howza ’bout the towing capacity of an electric vehicle. Hint: it sucks!

The F-150 Lightning was able to travel about 90 miles before needing a charge, but they didn’t run it until it was completely dead. Efficiency came in at 0.7mi/kWh. Meanwhile, the GMC Sierra covered nearly 160 miles, and the dash display showed 8.9 mpg. It cost Tommy less than $30 to charge the Lightning, though it took a good amount of time. The gas truck used about $100 in fuel, but you can fill it up almost instantly.

So, with the electric vehicle you have to stop every 90 minutes to charge it and wait forever for it to charge. Meanwhile, with the gas vehicle it’s gas and go. If Trump were president, that $100 fill up would only cost $50. Of course that’s the plan of these evil bastards. They want to make gas expensive to force us out of our internal combustion engines and into these inefficient electric cars while at the same time crippling the electric grid with windmills, solar panels and unicorn farts.

We’re doomed!

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  1. Remember the good old days of January 1989, when instead of recharging an electric car, they recharged Ted Bundy into toast?

  2. O/T, but it is 16 years today since we lost the wit and wisdom of the Acidman.

    I wonder what he would have to say about these imbeciles?

  3. I admit it, I own a Tesla. Some of the stuff that’s floating around like that article Denny cited is actually written to make EVs look bad. Either that, or she’s a moron.

    Currently, I understand the cost is too high and they charge too slowly. But it’s nothing like it used to be. I can leave LA for Phoenix and get there with 3 charging stops. The first one takes about 20 minutes, the second about 25 minutes, and the last one about 15. That’s assuming the Tesla superchargers are running what they are supposed to.

    So my 400-mile trip takes an extra hour but my car drives itself on the interstate. I don’t let go of the wheel (much) but just not having to keep my foot on the accelerator or slow down with the brake makes the drive more relaxing.

    Trying to cross-country in a non-Tesla is idiotic at best and downright stupid and dangerous if you do it in the heat. But Tesla does it right and they put in the network before they sold a ton of cars. You would think GM, Ford, VW, BMW, and Toyota to name a few huge car companies would have realized they put the cart before the cart fuel.

    So when I see these post that have a ton of false information I get a little annoyed, but I also understand Pete is an idiot and is just making it worse.

    • Your entire story sounds like a pro-EV fluff piece.
      Have driven cross country in all kinds of weather myself-I find it considerably less “stupid & dangerous” if you use the A/C.
      What a dope.

    • So you can drive from LA to Phoenix with at most one stop in a gas car. You can also buy most cars with adaptive cruise control which will control your speed and slow you down if required. You can also drive places where there aren’t any charging stations.
      At this point I would only buy an electric car for driving around town and commuting. Trying to get anywhere cross country in one is idiotic.

    • How much to replace the Tesla battery when it fails (or loses adequate capacity) in a few years time? IC cars do not require replacement engines at vast expense every 5 years or so.

    • My F150 hybrid truck can go the 400 miles from sea-level Orange County to 5,000ft Prescott without stopping at all even in the high summer. It has full adaptive cruise control including lane keeping, I have to steer to take exits or change lanes to pass but the rest of the time I’m monitoring. When I do need to stop for gas every minute at the pump adds 10 gallons (and 200 miles of range) to my tank.

      Telsa’s truck is a promise. My F150 that can tow 11,000 lbs is a fact.

  4. IL and Chicago my be really f**ked up but they do have 11 operating nulear units and a virtually unlimited supply of fresh water. I probably won’t live to see it but the areas around the Great Lakes will become one of the most desireable places on the planet to live at one point in the future.

  5. So imagine the trip in the WSJ article during the winter, in the Midwest, during February. . . Those batteries have to heat themselves or they will freeze and be ruined. Imagine getting stranded some where during a blizzard and not being able to charge. Or how about getting stuck when it’s below zero outside. No thanks, too risky I don’t care what Pete says.

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