Yep! The United States has become a laughingstock. We have a senile pervert as president. The EUropeans who hated Trump got their way and he has been replaced. They have seen what his replacement is like. I wonder how many of them wish Trump were back? Their economies would be in better shape and there would be no war in Ukraine.

Meanwhile, the US economy has just officially entered a recession. The White House, aided and abetted by the Fake News Media, is trying to redefine recession. President * insists the country is on the right track.

Russia and China have to be scared shitless of our woke military. How can they possibly win a war against us without queers and transvestites in their militaries?

And now we have this.

Her defenders said that the “blue suit” was for the visually impaired at the conference. Huh? Like blind people know what blue is? WTF?

As I have written before, we no longer have the best and brightest in gummint we now have the worst and dimmest.

The liberals used to joke back during Bush 41’s presidency that if anything happened to the president the first thing the Secret Service was ordered to do was kill Quayle.

If anything happened to * and the Secret Service offed Kamala we would get Speaker Blinky and if they offed her we would get Patrick Leahy. After him comes Blinken. Then Yellen. Then Austin. Then Garland.

We’re doomed!

11 comments on “Laughingstock

  1. My name is Juan and my pronouns are Ta and Co. I am sitting in a Lazy Boy wearing a Panama hat, wife-beater, and no shoes.
    The country is on the right track if you consider that all of this is on purpose.

      • Funny as hell in ‘The Right Stuff’ (movie) when one of the astronauts made that quip during the medical and then had to abase himself to the mexican hospital staff because he needed assistance…

  2. Biden has always been a brain-dead, weapons grade stupid moron. Drop you socks and hold your cocks; here comes the Repo Man: America experiencing record inflation and Biden will sign the latest Democrat printing and spending bill to ensure the economy shall finally and fully crash. Now, more Cowbell please.

  3. Why would the vice president of the United States introduce herself without using that title? Surely protocol said she should have intruduced herself as “I am vice president of the United States of America, Kamala Harris.” That being said, I don’t think she’s qualified, but surely her protocol officers are.

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