Didja hear the good news? The rat bastard commies in Congress just passed the Inflation Reduction Act which does nothing to reduce inflation but it does raise taxes on the middle class and to make sure the middle class pays those taxes the gummint is hiring 87,000 IRS agents. Take that dirt people!

The rat bastard commies claim this is to make the rich pay their “fair share” and these agents will be going after the top 1%. That is mega bovine excrement. The top 1% hire tax accountants (and members of Congress) to make sure they don’t pay a lot of taxes.

Taxes are for the little people. And that’s the people the IRS goes after. I know. I had the IRS come after me for $270.

I’ve told this story before but it bears repeating. I invested in a real estate tax shelter. One of the members of our group got audited and the IRS told him the figures he could use. I filed an amended return using the IRS numbers. Guess what? I got audited. When I told the IRS penishead I was using the numbers the IRS gave me he told me those were the downtown office’s numbers. WTF? The tax law was different in St. Louis than it was in Clayton? He told me if I didn’t like it I could go to tax court. Since it was only $270, I paid it. I also remarked that it prolly cost them more than $270 to collect it. As a taxpayer I was appalled. Go after the big guys.

Meanwhile, another investor did take them to tax court. Funny thing, every time he showed up the IRS requested and got a continuance. I don’t know what happened since I moved to Atlanta before it was resolved.

Just imagine. 87,000 more penisheads. 87,000 more Lois Lerners. You don’t think * will weaponize the IRS? Clinton and Obungler already did. With 87,000 new agents it will get even worse.

Trump promised to fire 50,000 gummint employees if he got elected. He better fire more than that and he can start with the IRS.

We’re doomed!