Sorry Queer Ladies

Your services are no longer needed. You did your part in defining deviancy downward. It’s time for the men to take over.

Police told a group of lesbians to leave a gay pride march in Cardiff after an officer was filmed telling the gender-critical women to step aside due to ‘confrontation’ with a transgender marchers and their supporters.

Get that? Lesbos were kicked out a gay pride parade. I guess that means trannies are gayer.

Men. Doing the job that women can’t do. Or, in the case of athletics, men are doing the job better and the women are allowing them to do so. There is no way that Lia Thomas should have been allowed to compete as a woman. JHFC! He has a dick. He has balls. He’s not a woman. He’s a man suffering from a mental disorder.

A few women have objected to this, like Martina Navratilova, and she was canceled for it.

At least now, a few lesbians are objecting to this men thinking they are women bullshit. Too bad lesbos. It’s now the trannies that count and you let it happen by admitting them into the LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ clan. Now they’re replacing you with men. They’re even letting them into women’s prisons where they are raping and impregnating women. Ya see, they are women but they’re lesbians so they want to have sex with other women. But since they have dicks, they don’t have to be carpet munchers.

You feminists who support this bullshit are betraying women. And you women are standing by and doing nothing about it. Keep voting for Dimocrats.

We normalized and mainstreamed queers. Now we’re normalizing and mainstreaming trannies. Instead of Heather having two mommies, now she has two mommies but one of them is a man with a mental disorder pretending to be a woman. And this shit is being taught to our children. We have drag queen story hours. This is grooming.

Now that this is being normalized the next thing down the pipe will be pedophilia. Mark my words.

We’re doomed.