Ronsday – What’s In The Best Interest For The Country

Ron Writes.

Crashed for a while after some yard work yesterday mornin . . . TV was on, and when I woke up some woman was pleading for Garland to go through all the confiscated material from the raid on Trump’s house – “WITH DUE DILIGENCE” – and then “wrestle with the essential issue of doing what’s in the best interests of the country.”

Well, that would be great, except for the reality that Garland’s a political hack and completely dedicated to keeping Trump as far away from Washington as possible. I mean, any top cop who would not only allow but encourage continued suppression of Biden’s kid’s laptop should be fired and run out of town on a rail. Or hanged.

I can tell you what’s in the best interests of the country – shut down 24/7 news feeds. Go back to local news, weather, and traffic conditions at breakfasttime. Report breaking news, such as fires or floods or disturbances at noon. Then at dinnertime give a summary of national and international happenings that might affect our economy, our security, our health, and so on.

Don’t tell people in Albuquerque who got shot in Chicongo . . . they don’t know those people and really don’t care. Don’t tell people in Boston about gangs in L.A.; they have problems of their own. Don’t even TRY to explain Miami politics to people in Montana; it’s not relevant to them.

CNN as a news organization is about as useful to people in flyover country as are the minutes of the Shreveport, Louisiana, school board to NASA. And MSNBC . . . as important to the “American people” as the activities of the British royal family. They’re broken records with no credibility, no value, and no audience.

Sheeesh . . . if you had a buck for every time ABCNNBCBS and MSNBC announced “O.K.! THIS time we’ve REALLY got him !!” what color would your Mercedes be?

And another thing that’d be in the best interests of the country . . . lotsa people being permanently denied access to microphones and TV cameras. In fact, I can name hundreds who need to be in orange jumps suits instead of pants suits or stripes instead of coats and ties. Whom, you ask?

Fauci. Hillary. Schiff. Biden. Harris. Biden’s kid. AOC. Tlaib. Kinzinger. Cheney. DingleBarry. Klain. Pelosi. McConnell. Sotomayor. Newsom. Hochul. DiBlasio. Maddow. Goldberg. Behar. Kerry. DeNiro. Jackson-Lee. Sharpton. Stelter.

Those jerks, and a whole lot more like ‘em, are more intent on changing the meanings of words, cancelling historical culture, mandating jabs and face diapers, amassing fortunes from insider trading, and getting re-elected than they are in doing what’s in the best interests of the nation. Their constant attacks on our founding fathers and the magnificent documents they gave us suggest they want to rename the Bill of Rights “short fiction.”

Omar is by no means American. Neither is Tlaib. Both would be happier in Riyadh or Mecca than in Arlington or Bethesda or DuPont Circle. AOC is simply a clueless noisemaker with a nice rack; she has as much business in Congress as I have in ISIS.

Fauci is a pox, a suppurating pustule, on America’s butt. An ego rivaling DingleBarry’s, and a flip-flop record longer than Slick’s. His little trick of saying that “all the scientists” agree on his analyses and edicts would be great except for the fact that any of ‘em who DID disagree with him were ridiculed, censored, silenced, or fired.

Liz Cheney somehow managed to convince herself that she’s a “principled conservative” when the truth is she’s just a resentful, bitter, delusional, and thoroughly misled windmill jouster who feels that if the GOP doesn’t want her, then she’ll destroy the whole damned party. Her comparing herself to Lincoln was a result of her losing her primary by four score and seven percentage points.

Harris? I just don’t know what’s wrong with that woman. When she tries to explain things, she comes across as someone who got her tongue wrapped around her eye teeth and can’t see what the hell she’s saying. Every time she tries to think . . . she weakens the entire country. She belongs in D.C. like J.J. Walker or Joe Namath belongs on my TV.

Both she and Biden’s most powerful endorsement for Democrats would be to stay as far as possible away from them for the next 2 ½ months.

Joe is an arrogant, thin-skinned, self-possessed demagogue with less than average intelligence whose campaign strategy is to defame, slander, and accuse his opponents in the most ridiculous and ill-advised ways possible. He is most certainly NOT the kindly, genial, regular guy he pretends to be, by no means grandfatherly or avuncular any more than is Dick Cheney or Hillary Clinton.

Hey . . . ain’t it time for another end-of-the-world prediction? Covid is now as ENdemic as armpit odor, monkeypox is about as dangerous to the general public as the walking dead, the hurricane season so far has been a dud, and climate change hysteria is a scam. C’mon, supervolcano !!!