AOTW 9-2-2022

It should come as no surprise that Hitler * wins this award hands down. Howza ’bout that speech last night? He just declared war on 74 million American Trump voters. This has to be the worst presidential speech ever. Remember, he was gonna be a “uniter rather than a divider”.

So MAGA Republicans are election deniers. Mr. Pot meet Mr. Kettle. Let me count the ways.

Remember 2000 and “selected not elected”?

What about the Russian collusion fraud the Dimocrats created to undermine the Trump presidency which they never accepted. Many Dimocrat politicians, like “Civil Rights Icon” racist pig John Lewis refused to attend the inauguration of Trump because they were election deniers.

Then when the Russian collusion fraud didn’t work, they impeached Trump not once but twice.

Here in Georgia, Abrams Tank has still not conceded the 2018 gubernatorial race claiming she won. She lost by over 50,000 votes.

It’s not the MAGA Republicans who are election deniers.

It’s not the MAGA Republicans who are violent protesters. It’s the Dimocrat Brown Shirts Antifa and BLM. They tore our cities apart in the summer of 2020 with their “peaceful protests”.

As for January 6. There were more riots by leftists during Trump’s inauguration than by the protestors of January 6.

This is some of the most blatant hypocrisy I have ever seen during my entire life.

Saw this on Insty.

I’m really getting worried about this crazy old man. And my country.


10 comments on “AOTW 9-2-2022

  1. Good post Denny. It’s a good thing to worry about. The poor old man is being fed a bunch of crap by his staff that he can’t comprehend. They’ve trained him to be emotional and read the teleprompter. He then shakes hands with the invisible man and walks off the stage with Jill leading the way. He believes he’s doing a good job. Yet he has no idea what he just said or why he said it.
    Very scary times!

  2. Denny, right on. This is an extremely dangerous time. Our freedom may be already lost because I don’t expect the GOP to fight to defend it.

  3. Everything, but everything, the leftists accuse anyone else of is always what they themselves are guilty of. Every. Single. Time.

    It has always been so, but the thing to watch for is when, as just now, they start accusing others of things you hadn’t yet realized they were doing.

    The ‘war’ isn’t coming, it’s long begun – act accordingly.

    (Puts even more of a new light on those 87,000 IRS agents and the arming of everyone down to the local refuse collection SWAT team [what’s the betting there is actually such a team]. It isn’t that they ‘may’ be coming for you, they ‘are’ coming, and they’re already on the way.

    Those box-cars wont fill themselves you know so re-read some Solzhenitsyn and don’t be those guys).

  4. In the meme world, I understand #PedoHitler is trending. I saw someone toss out the phrase “Chancellor Gröpenschniffer”, which I think has a certain panache. I know the situation is too awful to joke about, because we’re all going to gulag. But what the heck.

  5. This speech was evil and could have come from the mouth of Mao,Stalin, Hitler etc…… But it also follows a pattern. How many times has * said something over the top out of line , basically the quiet part out loud, and waited long enough to gauge the reactions and then walk it back. Then the next time he says something it’s a little more evil or disgusting. Rinse and repeat. He’s grooming the base to see anyone who disagrees with the party line as not human and unworthy of life. We chalk this up to dementia/incompetence on the regimes part. But what if it’s not? Whoever’s pulling the strings isn’t dumb. This is the plan.

  6. All this equating of these new strain Bolshevik wannabes to National Socialists is just plain wrong.
    Mr. Hitler and his Brown Shirts would have pounded out ANTIFA, BLM and this whole Democrat Socialist party long ago and there would be no such thing as a Biden, Schumer, Garland, Wray and Obama etc. etc. etc.

    That speech reeked of Saul Alinsky, and this Democrat party are Communists so compare them to Marx or Stalin all you want but not to Hitler as he genuinely loved his country and his people, these Democrats only love power and party.

    • Hitler did not love his country and his people as they actually were. He loved his imaginary invincibility of The Third Reich, and when they were going down to defeat, he ordered Albert Speer to carry out destruction of everything, because if they couldn’t win, they did not deserve to survive. They had to be destroyed in the Wagnerian Gotterdammerung sense.

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