AOTW 9-9-2922

This week I’m giving it to Karine Jean-Pierre our first black, gay, immigrant White House press secretary. Remember you can’t criticize her because that would be racist, homophobic, and sexist but boy is she dumb! She’s dumber than her boss. Anyhoo, just recently she stated that * has created one thousand million jobs. That’s more than the population of earth. Geez!


7 comments on “AOTW 9-9-2922

  1. Denny, you gotta read more closely *and* brush up on your math. First off, one thousand million is only one billion, and the earth has something like 7 or 8 billion humans today.

    But mostly this week’s asshole actually said that Biden created TEN THOUSAND MILLION JOBS, or 10 billion.

    But I love you anyways.

  2. Good choice Denny! I never realized how over qualified the press sec is for the job.
    Female, black, gay, immigrant, mother, father, wife, husband and STUPID.
    It could actually run for president and probably get a thousand million votes!

  3. Proof that second rate people hire third rate people.

    In other news, down here on the coast just about the only Abrams Tank commercials we see are accusing Brian Kemp’s abortion law of prosecuting birthing people who have miscarriages. Dennis the gay gun grabber has disappeared. What’s the scene in Atlanta?

  4. Like MLK, KJP had a dream. She went to Washington and recited the mantra of mistakes, after which she narrated a tribute to blissful ignorance of what the fuck is going on, and nailed her 96 protests to wypepo to the door of the men’s restroom.

    She is uninformed, oblivious to reality, and immensely unqualified for anything other than overtly lying, which is to say spinning, propagandizing, disinforming, and deceiving. In her official capacity as such, she is a splendid asset to conservatism.

  5. So I can see from the comments that, thank God, I’m not the only person who knows that one thousand million equals one billion, which is definitely not more than the population of the Earth.
    But, Jean-Pierre is also mistaken. I have yet to see a Democrat who knows how to create one real job, much less a billion. As for Biden, all he knows how to create is chaos and confusion, like his partner in word salad crime, Kamala Harris. But, stupid people aren’t exactly known for surrounding themselves with smart people.

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