Sunday Sixties 9-4-2022

It was Fall of 1965 and I was in Navy boot camp at Great Lakes NTC. It was cold. This was Company 646’s theme song. We sang along with the chorus every time we heard it on WLS.

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    • Sounds like you got there when I was leaving. I was there from Oct 28 to Dec 14. Then I came back December 28 for ET School. Winter of ’66 was really cold. I remember one stretch where it didn’t get above 0 for four days. Your boot camp had to be really bad. One of my neighbors was from Seattle and he had 30 weight oil in his car. It wouldn’t start. We had to dig the oil out with a coat hangar so he could put 10W30 in. Good times!

  1. Their version of “House of the Rising Sun’ was so popular.
    But every other song on that album was mind-blowingly good.
    “We Gotta Get Out of This Place” is a perfect example.

  2. EVERYBODY in the military service had that one. If I heard it once in Korea, ’69-70, I heard it a thousand times.

    Also popular was Steppenwolf’s “Magic Carpet Ride”. I was a tank commander.

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